monsal hillclimb
monsal hillclimb

Monsal Hillclimb

Monsal Hillclimb

Past winners at the 60th Anniversay Event in 1990.

First run in 1930, Monsal Hill Climb has been on the hill climb calendar for an amazing 82 years. This event was started by a few mates riding out to Monsal Head at the end of the track season and timing each other up the hill, at this time it was an unmade road.

The event now attracts around 100 local riders from club level to seasoned professionals. 2009 was the first running of the event on a closed road with a record entry of 110 riders!!!

Below is a brief history of the event and some pictures of past winners and riders. If you have any information or have any old photographs please contact Marc Etches and we will add to the history archive.



Laurence Dodd riding for Sheffield Phoenix CC set the first sub 1m 30s course record by posting 1m 26.9s time in 1941, this stood for 3 year when C F Belton also riding for Sheffield Phoenix posted a 1m 25s run up the hill. This time would stand for 13 years and was finally broken by a certain Tom Simpson riding for Scala Wheelers with a time of 1m 23.4s.

This time stood until local legend Malcolm Elliott came along. Malcolm first won the event in 1980 with a time of 1m 20.6s beating Tommy’s time by over 3 seconds. Malcolm came back to Monsal the following year and set the current course record of 1m 14.2s.

Malcolm Elliott

The master of Monsal - Malcom Elliott on his breath taking record breaking run in 1981.


The only other rider to come close in recent years has been local professional, Russell Downing. Russ posted a very respectable time of 1m 18.3s in 2003.

Albert Thorpe organised a 60th anniversary event in 1990, he had a host of past winners attending with Malcolm Elliott by then a top pro in Spain to present the prizes. That year there were 60 entries, this was the biggest disappointment of David Thorpe’s cycling life, he finished 2nd, loosing it by less than a second, with a 1m.28s. It would have been something for the organisers son to win the 60th anniversary event. As a consolation Rotherham Wheelers won the team prize.

Ike Delbridge organised it for 25 years then Albert Thorpe ran the event for about 27 years, Albert then passed the event to his son David who continued to run the hillclimb for 14 more years. Ike was married Albert's cousin so this event was in the Thorpe family for best part of 67 years. Ike, now 95 and still going strong, he's only ever missed 2 events and was one of the original riders at the first event. After finishing organising Ike took over commentary and the PA equipment. Ike also has every program since he started organising. David passed on the event to Marc Etches in 2008. Marc is the Club Secretary of Sheffrec CC and has grown the club from just 8 members to over 100 in 10 years. Marc is a 2nd cat road rider, a qualified BC Road Commissaire, a member of the British Cycling Yorkshire Board, organises the British Cycling Wombwell Youth League, various road races all with help form his club who alos organise 3 time trials a year. Just for the record all four Monsal Hilclimb organisers have been previous riders before they organised the event.

Monsal has had many different sponsors over the years; reality hair, Derbyshire building society, Kite training for 17 years, Pritchard plumbing, Gurung training, Ideal Travel, Lilley flowers and the café at the top of the hill. More recently we have had support from A4E, JE James Cycles and Science in Sport.

The schoolboy trophy was donated by the café which stands at the top of the climb years ago. The Cope Trophy is the old North Midlands prize now presented to the vets winner. The Dick Aldridge Trophy for the winner was in the past presented by his son who sponsored the event for years as Kite Training, he also did the commentary for 17 years.

Dick Aldridge, Albert Thorpe and Ike Delbridge were the founder members of the North Midlands BCF division as was current Commentator Doug Bond. Doug will again be commentating at this years event.



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Malcolm Elliott

Malcolm Elliott presents an award to Ike Delbridge for 30 years of service

Malcom Elliott

Micheal Goddard collects his prize from Malc in 2003.

Monsal Hillclimb

Extract from Cycling Weekly, October 1990.

The start

Malcolm Elliott on his record breaking run in 1981.

Monsal Hillclimb

More action from the 60th Anniversary event in 1990.

Monsal Hillclimb

Frank Holmes winner in 1990.


Russell Downing

Russell and Dean Downing. Dean first and Russ second in 1994.

Monsal Hillclimb

Russ Foster in action in 1990.

Monsal Hillclimb

Promotional Poster from 1990 - the 60th Year.

Marc Etches

Current event organiser Marc Etches in 2008.

The start

The crowd gather for the presentation in 1995.

Monsal Hillclimb

Past Winners at the event in 1990.



Past Event Winners:

1930 C Newell Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 51s
1931 S Schofield Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 42s
1934 J E Forbes Withington Wheelers 1m 39s
1939 G Postlethwaite Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 37.8s
1940 L H Dodd Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 31s
1941 L H Dodd Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 26.9s
1942 L H Dodd Sheffield Phoenix CC 3m 09.00s (Siggate Hill)
1943 L H Dodd Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 32s
1944 C F Beldon Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 25s
1945 C F Beldon Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 29.6s
1946 L H Dodd Sheffield Phoenix CC 1m 24.3s
1947 F H Worthen Manchester Clarion CC Time Unknown
1948 E Allott Hemsworth Wheelers Time Unknown
1949 D Neild Manchester Clarion CC 1m 33.8s
1950 R Lockwood Rutland CC 1m 36.3s
1951 J Bywater Wallasey Silverdale CC 1m 40.8s
1952 H Hardcastle Abbotsford Park RC 1m 40.8
1953 P Turton Rockingham CC 1m 27.2s
1954 P Turton Rockingham CC 1m 32.6s
1955 P Turton Rockingham CC 1m 32.6s
1956 D Wilson Sheffield Highgate CC 1m 29.8s
1957 Tom Simpson Scala Wheelers 1m 23.4s
1958 R Foster Birdwell Wheelers 1m 29.2s
1959 R Foster Birdwell Wheelers 1m 29.4s
1960 B K Lycett Featherstone RC 1m 30.6s
1961 B K Lycett Featherstone RC 1m 26.6s
1962 R Foster Birdwell Wheelers 1m 26.2s
1963 R Foster Birdwell Wheelers 1m 27.2s
1964 B K Lycett Featherstone RC 1m 28s
1965 G Sydney Huddersfield Star Wheelers 1m 31.2s
1966 P Greenhalgh Nottingham Arrow CC 1m 30s
1967 R Wilson Birdwell Wheelers 1m 31.6s
1968 R Wilson Birdwell Wheelers 1m 28.8s
1969 R Wilson Birdwell Wheelers 1m 32.6s
1970 R Wilson Birdwell Wheelers 1m 31.8s
1971 R Wilson Birdwell Wheelers 1m 32.2s
1972 D J Gretton Beeston RC 1m 26.4s
1973 D J Gretton Beeston RC 1m28.4s
1974 K Cowdell Hull Couriers 1m 30.2s
1975 M Wright Dinnington RC 1m 32.6s
1976 J Lindley Huddersfield Star Wheelers 1m 38.8s
1977 G Armitage Manchester Wheelers 1m 31.6s
1978 G Armitage Manchester Wheelers 1m 34.8s
1979 G Armitage Manchester Wheelers 1m 28s
1980 M Elliott Rutland CC 1m 20.6s
1981 M Elliott Rutland CC 1m 14.2s Current Record
1982 D Jarvis Chesterfield Couriers 1m 24.8s
1983 D J Webster Manchester Wheelers 1m 26.4s
1984 J Byrne & R Holden 1m 27.8s
1985 D J Webster Manchester Wheelers 1m 23.5s
1986 C Walker Paragon RT 1m 21s
1987 I Harvey Dinnington RC 1m 29s
1988 S Kelly Beeston RC 1m 32.6s
1989 S Kelly Beeston RC 1m 30.6s
1990 F Holmes Matlock CC 1m 27.4s
1991 P Wilkins Ashfield RC 1m 30.4s
1992 M R Freeman Marple Wheelers 1m 28.3s
1993 J Wright North East RT 1m 26s
1994 D Downing JE James ATB Club 1m 29.8s

Incorporating the D Aldridge Memorial Trophy

1995 D Timbers Maltby CC 1m 31.6s
1996 R Downing JE James 1m 28s
1997 D Downing VC St Raphael Time Unknown
1998 R Middlemiss Sheffield Sports 1m 26.9s
1999 R Taylor Chesterfield Coureurs 1m 25.1s
2000 C Storer Ashfield RC 1m 26.2s
2001 D Timbers JF Wilson 1m 32.1s
2002 D Coulson JE James 1m 33.85s
2003 R Downing Life Repair 1m 18.3s
2004 A Blythe Planet X 1m 34.7s
2005 J Hey West Pennine 1m 31.3s
2006 J Hey West Pennine 1m 29.3s
2007 R Downing Health Net Maxis 1m 19.1s
2008 J Furniss Zenat/Impsport 1m 29.9s
2009 C Taylor South Pennine RC 1m 28:9s
2010 R Downing Team Sky 1m 20.5s
2011 G Grounlund RST Trigon 1m 26.0s




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